Welcome to Culture Dock

A virtual global marketplace that prioritises the needs of traditional artisans.

Culture Dock: where skill is met with respect; hard work is met with fairness and cultural heritage met with curiosity.

At consumer’s fingertips is a trusted and vetted online marketplace representing cultures from around the world. The Culture Dock Marketplace is where authentic heritage crafts are bought directly from artisans, who make luxury products, using traditional tools, techniques, and materials. that are beloved by people around the globe.

Open the Culture Dock platform and filter by country, product, or organisation to access virtual stores being run by the artisans. Both artisans and consumers are able to communicate directly, providing the opportunity to appreciate global culture and bring beautiful handmade products, from their favourite destinations, into their homes.

“Culture Dock is an innovative idea to connect people around the world and give artisans a platform to bring their beautiful handmade products to the global market” 

Jette Ladiges,  World Fair Trade Organization