Welcome to Culture Dock

Culture Dock is the world’s first social marketplace for fair trade/ethical shopping. By leveraging the travel industry to uplift marginalized artisans around the world, we are attending to the preservation of cultural heritage and addressing the downward pressure of over tourism on fragile communities. 

Our’s is the ideal model for fair trade producers. Technology allows for the removal of the middleman and enables artisans to host their own virtual stores, set their own price and reach consumers most interested in authentic traditionally made products — travellers. Culture Dock is engaged in partnerships with fair trade organizations, UN refugee initiatives and heritage craft associations as well as entities in the travel industry. This involves incorporation into inflight entertainment and connectivity solutions. 

We are also launching the first loyalty program for the fair trade economy. 

“Culture Dock is an innovative idea to connect people around the world and give artisans a platform to bring their beautiful handmade products to the global market” 

Jette Ladiges,  World Fair Trade Organization