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Kendall Hunter - Culture Dock founder


Kendall Hunter  is the author of the Swiss instalment of the global guidebook series, Culture Smart!  Originally from Banff, AB Canada, she now lives in Toronto, ON.  Kendall is also a freelance journalist, photographer and mother of two teenage global citizens. As a youth, looking to be altered by a world different from the pristine surroundings in which she grew up, Kendall worked for a year as a volunteer in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she was on the front lines as a news photographer for a national independent newspaper. To bridge the gap between her exceptional experience in this country and life in Canada, she wrote her first book, Black Taxi: Shooting South Africa, published by Turnstone Press of Winnipeg.

With Culture Dock, she is taking cultural awareness to a whole new level – one that she hopes will further ignite the curiosity of travelers around the world. She passionately believes there is deep wisdom in knowing we are all an accumulation of our history, customs and contemporary culture; to understand differences is to bring humanity as a whole closer together.

Kendall is also now working on her third book, a memoir that has involved travelling to meet some of the world’s top women photojournalists. She has also lived in London, U.K., Wales and Switzerland and has traveled throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and Northern Africa.

Favourite quote: ‘Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.’ Amelia Earhart

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Marcos Molina

Design Team

Marcos Molina learned the value of discovering other cultures at a very young age. By the age of nine he had already lived in four different countries and was fluent in three languages. Today he proudly declares himself a Guatemalan French-Canadian Aussie.

Marcos has a Bachelor Degree in Animation from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. His digital career has seen him work in various animation studios in Montreal before launching PixelWell, a design consultancy serving mainly clients in beautiful Banff, Canada.

Marcos has worked closely with Kendall as she's crafted her vision for Culture Dock.

Emmanuel Mathew

Tech Team

Emmanuel Mathew

is an accomplished senior programmer with over fourteen years of experience in systems and application development. He has worked with both the government and private sectors. His strength lies in being proficient in managing large multi-disciplinary teams to deliver complex, multi-faceted projects. He combines excellent strategic planning abilities with strong programming skills, to ensure client projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Upon graduating from University Of Queens, Mathew was quickly scooped up by IT companies for training and job placement. He has worked in the US and Canada; starting as a junior developer where he learned valuable technical and analytical skills. Today he holds the role of senior Software Architect and is the founder of Vevatech Inc. (http://vevatech.com/) and VevaNet. His determination to soar in his career has driven him to take his business to an international level. He has a proven track record of delivering expert services.

"Giving back to society, staying humble, focused and loving life are what I attest my success too.", says Mathew.

His favorite quote: The mind is everything. What you think you become - Buddha