Do I have to pay for the Culture Dock app?

No. You can download Culture Dock and the branded imagiNation 150 app free of charge. 


What operating system do I need?

Culture Dock and the imagiNation 150 branded app are available for both Android and iOS


How long can my video be?

The in-app camera offers a 20 second video upload. 


Can I post a video or photo in more than one channel?

No, please choose the most appropriate channel and use hashtags if applicable to help others find your content. 


If I’ve downloaded the imagiNation 150 app, that’s branded for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, why do I have to always choose ‘Canada’ as my country when I upload content? 

One of the most exciting things about the imagiNaton 150 app is that it’s still part of the larger Culture Dock ‘parent’ app so any content that’s uploaded in Canada will eventually be shared around the world as Culture Dock scales globally. It’s an opportunity for Canada to show off our diverse national character and show travellers and influencers in the travel industry what an interesting country we live in. 


What happens at the end of 2017 when the imagiNation 150 app no longer exists? 

All content on the imagiNation 150 app will be absorbed into the ‘parent’ Culture Dock app becoming ‘Canadian’ on a global platform facilitating cultural awareness.


Can I write captions for my photos?

Yes! We encourage captions to help others better understand where you are and what you’re seeing. Same goes for sound/voiceover on video content. 


Why is there an ‘i’ icon in addition to captions? 

By utilizing the ‘i’ function you can open up a conversation with locals and/or other travelers. We encourage users to tap the ‘i’ to ask questions about other’s content or add information if a traveler has uploaded a photo or video but with limited information. 


Who uses the Culture Dock app? 

The Culture Dock app is a resource for anyone travelling or planning to travel. It’s also a great way for armchair travellers to get a feel for a foreign culture. That’s one side of it. It’s also a tool for destination marketing organizations, travel companies and travel organization.

If you’re a travel blogger, an expat, a business traveller, a gap year traveler, an exchange student, a volunteer or a travelling family; if you’re a tourism bureau, a student exchange organization, a high school travel company, a gallery, an historical hotel, a wine tour company or culinary tour company or an artist, we’re sure you’ll find your place on ‘The Dock’ and we’re excited to see this list grow and can’t wait to see the creative ways that both individuals and businesses will be using the app.