The Start Of A Global Love Affair

It’s no surprise that a start-up in Canada, in a city that has been dubbed the most diverse city in the world (Toronto), has come up with the first social media platform to facilitate cross-cultural awareness for travellers and the culturally curious. Culture Dock is an idea so obvious, so simple it has people wondering why it hasn’t already been done. 

In a celebration of rich cultural diversity, Canadians have begun to upload photos and videos of local culture onto a Culture Dock app, branded specifically for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. They may be known for their toques, toonies and two-fours but there’s a lot more going on in the land of moose and maple syrup than stereotypes fed to us in a guidebook. Canadians are coming together by sharing their differences; they’ve made the first move and they want the world to follow their lead.  

We all know how friendly Canadians are and that they’re not going to want to keep something like this all to themselves. They’re also crushin’ on cultures of people and places around the world. Now that they’ve begun to show you theirs, they want all of you to show them yours.

This is a free social media app for everyone, including those in the tourism and culture sectors, to share what’s unique about their region of the world. It’s being prepped to become the go-to app for cultural tourism so we’re inviting a second ‘tribe’, that of the global traveler, to also share experiences as they engage in local cultures around the world.

This is the start of a global love affair made less complicated by a user-friendly app that supports the sharing and engagement of content that’s been uploaded onto twelve cultural channels. From whichever country users are in or wishing to travel to, they can explore these topics: Customs and Traditions; Geography and Landmarks; Nature and Wildlife; Holidays and Festivals; Architecture and Design; Literature, Music and Art; Food and Drink; Transportation; Beliefs and Attitudes; Language and there’s probably more to come as the app continues to grow.

 Oh, one more thing. It’s our world so let’s face it! Can we get over ourselves and try very hard to leave ourselves out of the picture? We’re urging people to flip the direction of their device’s camera and instead use it to be curious about the world. This isn’t about you, it’s about everyone on this planet and this is the point we wish to make with the Culture Dock app. We don’t believe we’re ever going to begin to understand one another if we’re putting ourselves front and centre, all the time.


      Culture Dock – deepening the understanding of people and places around the world.